An acrylic partial denture is recommended as a temporary partial denture. If your remaining natural teeth have a poor prognosis but do not warrant extracting them all at once, the acrylic partial denture may be used to your advantage. With each natural tooth extraction, an artificial one can easily be incorporated into your existing RPD at a very reasonable cost. Its main disadvantages are that RPD’s rest predominantly on the gum only, it is also thicker and covers a much larger area of the gum to maintain rigidity and strength.

Chrome framework Affordable Dentures

The teeth and “gums” used in a chrome denture are no different from those used in acrylic dentures. However, chrome, being much stronger than acrylic, allows a slimmer and sleeker design of the denture base. Not only can the base be thinner, it can also cover a smaller area of the mouth. Higher accuracy also provides a better fit. It’s not surprising that in most cases, chrome dentures are superior to their acrylic equivalents. If function and durability are what you want in a denture, then go straight for chrome dentures. Apart from its precision fit it interferes less with senses such as taste, and hot cold sensitivity.